Capacity. We all reach it. At Non-Profit Advisors, we understand that many non-profit organizations have the delicate balancing act of a need for more capacity but don’t have the means to expand their workforce. Our solution: borrow our staff! We have an exceptional customer service team that is ready to help build you capacity on a permanent or project basis. With inbound and outbound calling capability as well as dynamic survey and feedback collection tools, you can grow your team overnight! The Customer Contact Center is ideal for organizations that are seeking help to reduce the administrative burden that answering and returning calls can place on professional staff. In most cases, the Contact Center team can resolve up to 75 percent of incoming calls without ever utilizing a minute of your staff’s time. We offer dynamic, real-time reporting to help you understand your call volume; from frequency to FAQs to language needs, and more, everything is tracked and available to you and your team. Do you have a holiday campaign and want to contact donors? Let the Contact Center make the calls. Do you have funders who want to understand your services and customers better? Let the Contact Center handle your survey needs. We offer end-to-end support including survey question development, survey distribution, follow-up calls, and reporting.

Tax season is the busiest time of the year for Center for Economic Progress, requiring additional staff capacity to seamlessly respond to, and resolve, customer inquiries. More than 17,000 low-income Illinois families receive free tax preparation and financial assistance from Center for Economic Progress’ dedicated staff and volunteers.

National Able Network’s Customer Contact Center fielded 6,500 inbound calls on behalf of Center for Economic Progress during the 2015 tax season, resolving 81 percent of client inquiries on the spot.

“Tax season requires that we increase our ability to field a significant influx of client inquiries within a very short time period. National Able Network’s Contact Center allowed us to handle the volume during the time period when it was most needed, and they provided an exceptional level of care and support to our clients.”

-Raissa Allaire, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Economic Progress