As a non-profit organization, the space in which you work has much deeper meaning. With clients, supporters, staff, partners, and community members walking through your doors each day, we understand that finding your workspace is very closely tied to finding and fulfilling your mission because mission moments happen each day. Non-Profit Real Estate Advisors understands your space needs, but we also help you find your mission within your space, offering creative solutions that help you build deep roots.


National Able Network had been working in Chicago’s Pilsen community since the mid-nineties. We moved from a 7,000 sq/ft facility to a 22,000 sq/ft facility in 2009. Pilsen is a community that is rich in culture, arts, and so much more. While we found our perfect “space” within the community, we wanted more. We wanted to celebrate the rich art culture that surrounds us, so we opened up the door (literally) and invited local artists to pitch ideas about how to fill the space in our entryway with artwork that could help inspire our clients, partners and staff.

To help fill the “blank canvas” in the entryway, we developed an art competition where individuals would submit their proposed design and the winner would receive a cash prize. We reached out to hundreds of residents, local artists, our Alderman, and community partners to help spread the word. The result? We received 40 submittals, each with its own distinct style, but all very representative of rich and wide-ranging artwork that is found throughout Pilsen.

A panel of judges were enlisted, and the winning artist was Judith Meyer for her “Wake of Happiness” Design.


The wall is 7’-0” High and 17’-0” Wide.


Judith Meyer’s “Wake of Happiness” Design.